This non-fiction book describes the work of 1500 American civilians who left behind friends and family and went to war in Africa in September 1941 - months before the U.S. became militarily involved in the fight against the Axis Powers. 

The men of PAA-Africa, Ltd., a subsidiary of Pan American Airlines, worked under a secret contract with the British and American governments.  They went to Africa to fly transport aircraft, ferry warplanes, and to establish a vital air route to the battlefronts in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Readers will enjoy the story that unfolds in this book as it chronicles a previously untold historical event.  This is a wonderful story about Africa, Boeing B-314s, Boeing 307s, airports, DC-3s, Bristol Blenheims and Beaufighters, P-40s, U-boats, Doolittle, Wilkie, and much-much more.

The book contains dozens of never before published photographs and exhibits from this pioneering aviation effort.

Copies of the 4th Printing are now available through AIRC.  Please contact us and we will be happy to send a signed copy to you.  Price of the book is $30 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.

Book Title:

PanAfrica  Across the Sahara In 1941

                     With Pan Am

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