We are dedicated, and willing to turnover and look under the proverbial rock in order to find the golden nuggets of the hard to find, original source, historical information for our clients.

Research Sources Used Include, But Are Not Limited To The:  

               National Archives USA                             French Service Historique de la Defense Archives

               National Archives UK                               South African Defense Archives

               USAF Historical Research Center          South African Air Force Archives

               Military History Center                            Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum Archives

               Library of Congress                                   U.S. Naval History Center

               US Marines Corps Archives                     National Museum of The Air Force

               Royal Air Force Archives (UK)                 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

               U.S. Paten and Trademark Office          U.S. Government Libraries

               Aviation Related Corporate Archives   USAF Academy Archives

               Ethiopian National Archives


Tom Culbert has received numerous in-print credits from authors and academics who have used his historical research skills. 


Government Documents

    Aircraft Restoration Projects

   Aircraft Accidents

    Combat Activities

(WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam)

            Air, Ground, Naval, and OSS Forces